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  1. 10 things translators won't tell you but you really need to know
  2. 20-minute Volunteering: Developing Mobile Apps for Impact
  3. 2010 Agenda Partners
  4. 2010 SpeedGeeking Extravaganza
  5. 2012 Agenda Partners and Sponsors
  6. 2012 SpeedGeeking Extravaganza
  7. 2013 Agenda Partners and Sponsors
  8. 2013 SpeedGeeking Extravaganza
  9. 2016 Agenda Partners
  10. 2016 Skillshare Topics
  11. 2017 Partners
  12. 2017 Skillshare Topics
  13. 2018 Partners
  14. 2019 Partners
  15. 2020 Partners
  16. 2021 Partners
  17. 2021 Skillshares Offered
  18. 2021 story sharing
  19. 510pen: Creating a Community Wireless Mesh Network
  20. API Framework overview
  21. AWS cloud
  22. A (Gentle) Crash Course in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from a nonprofit context
  23. Access Now Digital Security Helpline: Supporting security needs of civil society groups & activists, journalists and human rights defenders
  24. Accessibility: Language & Disability
  25. Accessibility in language
  26. Accessible technologies
  27. Accountability from harm
  28. Activism in Santa Ana
  29. Admin user experience
  30. Advanced Drupal
  31. Advanced Drupal Development
  32. Advanced Joomla!
  33. Advanced Plone
  34. Advanced TileMill: Taking Mapping to Places It Has Not Gone
  35. Advanced WordPress: Getting the most out of the platform
  36. Advanced Wordpress
  37. Advocating for health and safety with a "progressive" administration
  38. After Hours
  39. Agenda Brainstorm
  40. Agenda Partners
  41. Aggregating for Impact
  42. Agile Practices
  43. Agile Process for Developing Web Apps and Working With Nonprofit Clients
  44. Agile mindset and software development
  45. Agile practices in nonprofit contexts
  46. Agile project management for non-profits: Are you crazy?
  47. All About OpenStreetMap
  48. Allied Media Consensual Technology
  49. Alternative Cash/Artisanal Cash
  50. Alternative Self-Controlled File Storage
  51. An Indaba update: Lessons learned in a Year
  52. An international perspective on activist surveillance
  53. Analyzing Disinformation at Scale
  54. Android: First Impressions
  55. Anonymity Online
  56. Antifa organizing: Bridging online and offline research
  57. Application and Cloud Testing
  58. Applying lessons from traditional advocacy to online organization
  59. Architectural Overview of NewsCloud's Social Media Toolkit
  60. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, & Beyond
  61. Backdrop
  62. Backdrop and the Open Source CMS Ecosystem
  63. Backup Strategies and Best Practices
  64. Bandwidth Management for Live Events
  65. Barriers and enablers in the health of shared resources
  66. Behavioral economics
  67. Being a data driven organization
  68. Being a non-male developer
  69. Best Practices for Plone Performance
  70. Best Practices in Tech Capacity Building Trainings
  71. Best and Worst Practices for Work Agreements from both side of the fence
  72. Best community engagement practices for service providers
  73. Best practices and tools for asymmetrical collaboration
  74. Best practices for creating documentation collectively
  75. Best practices for open source documentation
  76. Beyond Brands: Listening Big for the Issues
  77. Beyond The Relational - NoSQL Databases
  78. Beyond Widgets: Easy Ways for Organizations to Build Their Own Mini-Apps
  79. Blockchain: Make it useful
  80. Book Recommendations
  81. Book Sprints and the importance of High Quality Technical Documentation
  82. Bridging Between Designers and Developers
  83. Bridging Nonprofit Software Gaps: A Foundation Perspective
  84. Bridging episodic social movements
  85. Bridging the digital divide: Indigenous perspective
  86. Building CiviCRM Community Infrastructure
  87. Building Project Sustainability into your DNA: Business models, hybrid corporate structures and feedback loops
  88. Building SaaS models to serve the sector
  89. Building TechFinder 2.0
  90. Building a Culture of Consent
  91. Building a Development Business Supporting Social Mission Organizations
  92. Building a taxonomy of digital civil disobedience tactics
  93. Building movements: tech for moving beyond emails, beyond campaigns and beyond organizations
  94. Building open source communities
  95. Building the Nonprofit Web Back-Office
  96. Business Models Round Table
  97. Business Models for Nonprofit Software Development
  98. CMS Data Mobility and Portability
  99. CMS Performance and Scalability
  100. CMS Smackdown
  102. California Office of Innovation: How it works
  103. Campaigning and organizing for justice in Texas
  104. Campaigning for housing rights in East Los Angeles
  105. Capacity Building
  106. Carbon Footprint Tool for Hosting Providers
  107. Care and Feeding of your Open Source CMS
  108. Case Management
  109. Case Study: Saving Lives with Crowd-Sourced Mapping in Haiti
  110. Cataloging
  111. Certificates for your website through Let's Encrypt
  112. Challenges and lessons on moving to work from home with immigrant populations
  113. Challenges in newsroom technology
  114. Challenging Drupal Questions
  115. Challenging and ending the digital divide: Indigenous perspective
  116. Checklist for Funders
  117. CiviCRM
  118. CiviCRM - Drupal Integration Modules
  119. CiviCRM 101 - An Introduction to Open Source CRM
  120. CiviCRM 101 - An Introduction to Open Source CRM 2012
  121. CiviCRM 101 2009
  122. CiviCRM 201 - Getting the Most Out of the Platform
  123. CiviCRM 201 - Getting the Most Out of the Platform 2012
  124. CiviCRM 201 2009
  125. CiviCRM Extensions
  126. CiviCRM Overview
  127. CiviCRM Project Roundtable 2009
  128. CiviCampaign Preview
  129. Civi CRM = Privacy
  130. Claiming and protecting your organization's online identity
  131. Coaching as a community capacity practice
  132. Coaching to build capacity
  133. Collaborative, secure, open source tools to help run your office
  134. Collaborative Local Knowledge
  135. Collaborative text editing on Git
  136. Collecting money online and offline for your efforts
  137. Communication security and counter surveillance
  138. Communications Strategy
  139. Community Commitments and Suggestions
  140. Community Wireless Networks
  141. Community Wireless Round Table: Where Are We Now?
  142. Conceptualizing collaboration software: What do we actually "do" in there?
  143. Connecting communities with services
  144. Consensus decision making is bad for social justice
  145. Constituent Relationship Management - CRM
  146. Content Strategy
  147. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment and DevOps
  148. Continuous integration in software development
  149. Controversial Statements
  150. Controversial Statements 2015
  151. Cooperative worker/owner discussion
  152. Coops Solidarity Session
  153. Coordinating Your Online Channels
  154. Countering online harassment
  155. Creating a Open Source Platform for Simulation-Based Learning
  156. Creating a Secure Mobile Phone for Activism
  157. Creating a childrens book about digital rights
  158. Creating healthy change organizations
  159. Creating websites for users with low-bandwidth
  160. Creative process: Communications and craft
  161. Crisis. Before, during and after
  162. Crisis Commons: A Distributed Technology Community for Disaster Response
  163. Crowdfunding. Is it a thing?
  164. Crowdfunding Platforms
  165. Cruelty-Free Webinars
  166. Crypto 102 for developers
  167. Cryptography Tools
  168. Cryptography for Nonprofits
  169. Cultivating a network of change makers within change-resistant institutions
  170. Custom Productivity Workflows with Chandler
  171. Dashboard Gripe Session
  172. Data Munging
  173. Data and consent
  174. Data and user research design
  175. Data literacy
  176. Data on marginalized communities
  177. Data privacy for organizations
  178. Decentralized Wikileaks
  179. Decision Checklist: Building & Buying Nonprofit Tech
  180. Defending against Denial of Service attacks
  181. Defending yourself and loved ones from random attackers
  182. Delightful Testing, Joyful Integration
  183. Delivering Minimum Viable Product - MVP isn't just for athletes anymore
  184. Deployment in 2015 and beyond
  185. Design Justice and user research + UX/interface design
  186. Design Roundtable
  187. Design and Prototyping
  188. Designers, Developers, & Clients Working Together
  189. Designers Talking to Developers 2012
  190. Designers talking to Developers
  191. Designing For/With People With Low Bandwidth
  192. Designing online to offline engagement
  193. Designing the Kiva APIs
  194. Designing the WISER APIs
  195. DevSummit07:Addressing the Language Challenge: Open Source, localisation, and NGO Software
  196. DevSummit07:Agile Development and Rapid Prototyping: What Works in the Nonprofit Context
  197. DevSummit07:BOF: NOSI Salon
  198. DevSummit07:Building Outcome Measurement into Nonprofit Software
  199. DevSummit07:Building in Usability
  200. DevSummit07:Business Models for Software Development in the Nonprofit Sector
  201. DevSummit07:Case Study: Benetech's Miradi Project
  202. DevSummit07:Case Study: Extending Joomla to Create the Nonprofit Soapbox
  203. DevSummit07:Case Study: The WiserEarth Platform
  204. DevSummit07:Case Study: Ujima Requirements Gathering Process
  205. DevSummit07:Co-Op Story Share in Nonprofit Technology Enterprises
  206. DevSummit07:Developer Horror Story Circle
  207. DevSummit07:Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance Tools
  208. DevSummit07:Email Deliverability and Open Legislative Databases
  209. DevSummit07:Engineering for Accessibility and the Differently-Abled
  210. DevSummit07:Evolving Content Management Systems to Meet Nonprofit Needs: Stories from the Field
  211. DevSummit07:Exploring Opportunities for Collaborative Development
  212. DevSummit07:For-Profit / Nonprofit Software Collaborations
  213. DevSummit07:Free Software Communities in Latin America
  214. DevSummit07:Free Software and Open Source: How can the nonprofit sector do it better?
  215. DevSummit07:GIS, GPS, and Open Source Mapping
  216. DevSummit07:Hierarchy on the Fly: Making Collaborative Projects Work Without Predefined Structures
  217. DevSummit07:If I Could Do the NPTech Tag Over Again
  218. DevSummit07:Integration Experiments: What's Happening, What's Working, What's Next?
  219. DevSummit07:Intro To Ruby On Rails
  220. DevSummit07:Making Social Source Commons relevant to Nonprofit Developers
  221. DevSummit07:NPO SysAdmin Sewing Circle
  222. DevSummit07:Next Steps for Breaking the Integration Deadlock
  223. DevSummit07:Open-Source To Transform The Way Government Does Business: The Case of NASA
  224. DevSummit07:Open Standards Deep Dive: Calendar Formats and Event Syndication
  225. DevSummit07:Open Standards Deep Dive: Single Sign On / Identity
  226. DevSummit07:Participant Agenda Breakouts
  227. DevSummit07:Power Ruby On Rails
  228. DevSummit07:Redesigning an Interface for a Large User Base: The DIA Salsa Story
  229. DevSummit07:Rethinking Telephone Advocacy for Member Organizations
  230. DevSummit07:Security Checkup for Nonprofit Software Developers
  231. DevSummit07:Smelling the AJAX Koolaid
  232. DevSummit07:Software Development in the African Context
  233. DevSummit07:Software Project Management Mind Meld
  234. DevSummit07:SpeedGeeking
  235. DevSummit07:Summit Plenary
  236. DevSummit07:Towards an Activist Social Networking Platform
  237. DevSummit07:Towards an Open Source Grants Management Platform
  238. DevSummit07:Values and politics of open-source communities: what role can advocacy software developers play in international social change and political advocacy?
  239. DevSummit07:Where Are the Biggest Tool Gaps?
  240. DevSummit07:Whither Open APIs?
  241. DevSummit07:eAdvocacy: Where We're At and What's Still Needed
  242. Developer Operations
  243. Developing a state-wide capacity building network
  244. Developing and Using Low-End Mobile Tools, Including SMS, SIM Toolkit, and Simple Apps
  245. Developing and maintaining healthy financial habits for community-based orgs
  246. Developing young leaders through storytelling
  247. Digital Mapping
  248. Digital Security For Humans
  249. Digital humanitarian response
  250. Digital privacy 101 for activists

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