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The Nonprofit Software Development Summit is convened first and foremost the strengthen the community ties among the network of practitioners working in the various arenas of software development for nonprofits.

Before diving deeply into sessions and topical discussions, we'll take time to break into small groups, get to know one another, and augment the agenda by brainstorming what else needs to be discussed on the ground at the event.


Agenda Group 1

  • Volunteer Management Tools, How To etc...
  • How to get started and snowball an Open Source project
  • User Data, privacy issues, log retention? 'ownership' use best practices - EULAs
  • Interevent connective tissue? how do we keep the connections from here going
  • Nonprofit Engagement in Standards Development? (W3C, IETF, OASIS, Identity Commons, ITU, etc..

Agenda Group 2

  • Where to go to find NPO Software info - What info exists, what should exist?
  • Open source products that are ready for prime time
  • GIS - open source options, where to go to find help, how to get data
  • Open Source CMS pros and cons

Agenda Group 3

Agenda Group 4

Project Management tools

  • DotProject, etc

Consulting Tactics

  * Teaching people to do RFP's
  * Educating organizers
  * Choosing vendors, etc

Cross-sector collaboration

  *Corporate charity --  (cheap Microsoft, free Salesforce) -- good or bad?
  *How does proving 20% of an engineer (ala Google) help support non-profits


Agenda Group 5

Agenda Group 6

general themes:

participation Workers Collectives Collaboration without Hierarchy

Project management.

How to get feedback and engagement from users of a project you are developing

How to develop community without a face-to-face component.

How to connect developers to work that people are doing (this is a variation on usability)

Building community and generating community input (especially beyond technical users)

Values reflected in decisions we make, including organizational models.

Agenda Group 7

Agenda Group 8

  • "Anti-innovationism" -- articulating values of meaningful/effective/successful projects
  • Software development processes -- agile, test-driven development, etc.
  • Building cultural competency

Agenda Group 9

  • Privacy - how are people dealing with sensitive data hosting, storage and encryption
  • Where's the funding - how can we get foundations involved in funding open source software
  • To learn the pain points of nonprofit staff and move towards working together to solve some of these problems.
  • Networking
  • See what else is happening in the field
  • Discuss hosting options (hosting data ourselves vs outsourcing)
  • Share challenges doing advocacy work on and offline
  • The on-demand nonprofit - how do we eliminate nonprofits having to worry about software and infrastructure
  • Working collabortively as NPOs to build software
  • Standardization of data specifications towards interopability
  • How do we keep the energy from this conference from dissipating once it's over
  • How do we get designers involved in building usable open source software

Agenda Group 10

  • Practices around new generation good coordination
  • Software development practices
  • Aggregation strategies
  • Calendar advanced
  • Ad-hoc group coordination
  • Coordination of soft different groups, coo-development
  • Localization beyond language