Campaigning for housing rights in East Los Angeles

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Campaigning for housing justice in East Los Angeles <3

U.S. Postal Service Data Suggests Significant Population Decline in San Francisco

Tools to use to move our work forward:

  • Bullhorn walk’each brings bullhorn and projects tenants rights IN THREE LANGUAGES***In person social distance community walks
  • Instagram live - Where youth mostly gathers
  • Facebook live- For adult residents
  • Art and Culture: Zines,
  • Little to create power maps - courtesy of League of Pist Off voters.
  • - to see who is donating to elected officials. Use this information to get a sense of the interests that are lobbying your elected official? Which developers are donating to their campaigns?
  • Get COVID-tested before first of the month outreach and use PPE: Masks, Gloves, do not share materials but you can still communicate by using a bullhorn.
  • Mailers! And phone calls.
  • Took time to teach residents how to use zoom and other video tools
  • Language interpretation of zoom is helpful;

Tactic: get eviction defenders on the Superior Court:

  • In San Francisco - Eviction Defense Attorney CARY GOLD became a judge and will help prevent evictions at the Superior Court level.
  • "can't fight every single developer, so go to the policy level"
  • "guaranteed commercial tenant right to return"

Using art activities to unite people as well

  • Zine for the league of pissed off voters It allows to put information in people's hands
  • Poetry circle on 16th avenue in San Francisco.
  • Powermapping on zoom. For example - Willy browne appoints xyz, IT HELPS PEOPLE TO GET TEH BACK STORY .
  • Powermapping tool:
  • Research background for corporations: corpwiki
  • Research campaign finance donations:

highlights: understanding how to use power mapping as a tool to shape our narratives; using cultural organizing for community-building activities (zines, pumpkin carving, "what are your priorities for a CBA"; using a bullhorn and making noise to get neighbors' attentions + outdoor meetings at parks to maintain social distancing