Community Wireless Round Table: Where Are We Now?

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Facilitated by Tomas Krag, Refugees United

Session Description

Tomas and Wade have extensive experience deploying wireless networks in the US, Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia, and they will share stories of their exploits and reflections on state and the role of wireless networking technologies in the current technology landscape.

Session Notes

Mesh networks generally limited to 4 links. Each link results in cutting speed in half

Mesh networks are big in Berlin

Various firmware alternatives have been developed

Open Mesh has an open dashboard to overcome upgrade problems—but is controversial

Village Telco provides voice & wifi, and uses Mesh Potato

Afrimesh is in use in South Africa

Bandwidth management in Linux is difficult.

Discussion about various ways to allocate bandwidth

Wonder Shaper is the starting point for bandwith management on Linux

Something about Zentyal (was previously ebox)

If you just want to allow others to share your home network but control the bandwidth, that's fairly easy. Particularly so if you can have multiple ssids on your home network. Many routers now offer this out of the box.

Fon also allows you to do this, and is a partly commercial solution.

Robin helps make it easier to set up networks