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The Specialists Guild

What they do is teach train people with autism to be QA testers. They certify them and then hire them and farm them out in order for them to gain work experience.

Folks on the autism scale tend to be better at finding issues in patterns.

Q & A

Q: Is there a way to get people with high functions autism into this sort of role.
A: Generally people who have extreme autism don't get hired without some help.

Q: How does a not-for-profit get probono work?
A: Talk to Andy

Q: What out reach do you do to get the plight of autism out?
A: We get great press, news,

S: Companies in SV are not diverse and tend to still not hire people with autism.

Q: What do you test?
A: We test finished software that is ready to ship, not module testing or unit code testing.
A: Usability testing, does it do what was advertised
A: Things that have UI
A: Regression testing.

Q: What responsibilities does the company have and what does the tester have and what does the client have?
A: We match the process for the company?
A: From Client: Reporting platform (jira, testflight, bugzilla, googledoc)
A: From Tester: Testers write test cases
A: From Company: Company can write test cases.

Q: How do people with autisum who need these services get ahold of you?
A: We get people with autism who need help thanks to the marketing and a huge social need.

Q: How do you test people with autism?
A: We do not.

Q: What prerequesist do you have for testers?
A: Everything is on a case by case bases. A few years of college, have some passion / need to accomplish tasks.