Design and Prototyping

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Start with a branding style guide

2 different ways of building a branding style guide : Wireframing vs. Prototyping

  • Wireframing > Sticky notes > Agreeing on structure and what goes on each page
  • Prototyping > Coding > Show you what's on each page > Allows you to show to client > Save time > a tool for buy-in
  • The more traditional workflow is : designing > developing > re-designing > re-developing. Prototyping allows you to do that
  • Hard to develop a plan : planning vs. making

Prototyping is the fastest way to validate an idea

Possible to use a static site generators e.g. metalsmith

  • Having conversations early -> if you know how drupal will spit out -> develop CSS file to structure
  • Psychological tool -> making them think they're in good hands -> first site looks good while not putting in too much work
  • Be intentional about the design and design a framework before you code half