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Hosted by Greg

the project is completely volunteer based

Editing a map is really easy on

all you have to do is create a user name and you can edit the map.

You can select individual streets and edit what classification of street it is

you can put in mailboxes,ATMs,restaurants and parks and edit specific information such as if the ATM has a fee or what the carrier the ATM is

the data for the U.S map comes from U.S government tiger

You can view the map in cycle view

other similar topographic version of open street map quest's version of open street map

third party apps are availble for mobile phones that support osm such as NavDroid

Open Street Map is available in multiple languages in cities with high minority concentration in certain areas

you can use walking papers .org you print out maps to write on while mapping out a city then scan them back in to use on osm

you can also use gps to trace hiking trails that are beneath the trees

add lakes that aren't in the map by finding them on satellite view and tracing them in osm