Barriers and enablers in the health of shared resources

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How to sustain community contributions to resources (documentation, curricula etc.)


  • champions entry points at different levels of experience
  • examples and tutorials
  • resources and stories
  • translations contributed via github
  • collective iteration / updatable
  • trust/power building
  • common standard - word
  • shared experience
  • open license
  • creative commons
  • feedback form on each page
  • archived materials
  • agreed formats
  • outline/resource
  • agreed forms (outline, resource)
  • co-create and develop leaders
  • innovative satisfaction of personal need
  • 1-on-1s
  • personal relationships
  • enable people to continue conversation exchange thru discussion platform
  • after online event
  • enable learners to monitor eachothers’ classwork via google slides
  • negotiation tactics


  • misaligned incentives
  • staff/nonstaff divide
  • fear uncertainty doubt
  • content needs legal and technical review
  • github and other technical public spaces
  • only approved editors can submit edits
  • vetting
  • versioning
  • convoluted technical processes
  • conceptual buy-in vs. practices
  • limited capacity to review translations
  • too many tools unsure where to contribute what
  • lack of clear narrow vision
  • language localization
  • education level
  • languages and communication styles
  • different centers of reference
  • editing
  • people unwilling to learn new tools; default to old tools
  • formats offline/ online

Annotation tool: hypothesis

Is git a barrier or enabler?


  • Shared purpose
  • teams and tasks
  • clear roles and responsibilities
  • activation guides
  • etherpad? good notetaking to capture decisions
  • good leadership/mentors
  • community manager: be clear what you’re asking people;
  • directed asks
  • gamification?
  • Fabrication: task management. Award tokens to people
  • Metrics;