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incentives used in games for rewarding.
what is it good for?
  • Blockchain is a distributed Ledger: authenticating
  • open distributed ledger online that tracks transactions between parties (and verified). Secure encrypted distributed transactional 'database'
    • i.e Voting: I affirm that I have signed that I vote for such and
  • Different computers agreeing on one transaction taking place.
  • Transaction: exchange of “value”. Creating a programmable language that code the contracts
first use case of blockchain
  • CMS of blockchain

How do I run a form and run it as a blockchain

Building in checks that review. Financial services like it: the system today is not innovative.

A blockchain is a database:

  • distrubuted
  • tranparent
  • encrypted

Gov't hunduras:

  • property deeds complicated.
  • They were rewriting them and stealing land.
  • The system is now being blockchained

Mining applies to the context of crypto-currency: people were 'digging' for limited resources. (the computation cycles ). to have a reputation system that is not manipulatable ('gamable')


  • longterm AI (malevolent) takeover
  • inequity around the processors (51% + can takeover)
  • centralization of authentication →
  • techno optimisim
  • commodification of everything
  • removing all human-points
  • commodification of electrons: clean energy, buying clean energy depending on proximity.
  • Distributed autonomous organization:
    • create set of rules for everyone
    • interact with contracts
  • Localization of currency
  • Time banking: using time instead of money as unit of currency. An implementation of barter system. (a mutual credit style system)
  • Currency that expires over time
  • actual currency chopping: Quebec- Gaspesie