DevSummit07:Case Study: Extending Joomla to Create the Nonprofit Soapbox

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Facilitated by Ryan Ozimek, PICnet

Ryan will explain how PICnet has extended Joomla, and built a pivot around it to enable their Non-Profit Soapbox service to avoid reliance on any one type of CRM or email delivery service, allowing the platform leverage a wide variety of services.

This session will offer a case study in building to integrate.

Some takeaways from the session will include:

  • How to determine which open source community is ripe for becoming a pivot?
  • How to avoid the internal dependency model (aka the "we can do everything better than everyone model")?
  • Building connections with 3rd party services in the real world.
  • Providing value-added solutions to the community with minimal costs.

If you're evaluating difference CMS's you can visit and actually log in and try different CMS's from both the user, and administrator end, without needing to download and install any of the CMS's.