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Facilitated by CiviCRM Core Team

Session Description

We will preview the CiviCampaign component which will be included in the upcoming CiviCRM 3.3 release. This is the first release of this component and we're hoping to get feedback from folks who have experience with online organizing tools and discuss plans for integration with the CiviEngage module as well as other future development needs.

Session Notes

civi campaign session

purpose - share want we have done so far in terms of omving some campaign tools into civicrm

two threads - working with ptp, who has spec'd out, a module called civi engage that adds custom fields and workflow - based on the grassroots groups

progressive political campaign person that put togther a drupal module that provides for pollwatching, front end for civi data store on the backend. worked with him to identify the pieces that could be brought in to core

lunch conversation today will be how to bring the two threads together. including online petitions. how to take the campaign container and make sure it can be used, encapsulate, lots of different things that happen in a campaign. walk list, survey, event, mailing: all those pieces that may become a part of a campaign and what parts have worked.

half way along on the journey. purpose of sharing has been to get more eyeballs, feedback, thoughts

demo of civi campiagn in 3.3 beta

campaign is a new object and a new component. new menu item: campaign. menu is completely configurable. by default campaign show up in the Other menu.

campaigns, surveys and petitions. surveys are a general term for any set of questions that need to be answered.

campaign - currently a limited set of fields. needs to be extended. most important thing about the container is it allows you to set a target made up of one or many groups. static groups as well as smart groups (saved search) can be included. easy to choose people based on geography, etc.

for campaign, set up targets and then you can assign them surveys and petitions and distribute them to different volunteers.

you can take the big set of people and divide them up to different people to follow up with them.

once a campaign is set up i can create one or more surveys, to get people to do stuff, take action.

what are the characteristics that are needed natively? campaign goals, resources (staffing, monetary), benchmarks (to be able to evaluate effectiveness). hierarchy will probably be needed, to be able to have sub-campaigns. also a tracking system, so that email blasts that have campaign invites will be able to be tracked as a part of the campaign.

at the survey level, a number of different characterisctics. title, choose a campaign, different activity types (phone list, walk list, canvass). activities are completely configurable.

two ways to incorporate a survey: response set (what happened relative to trying to contact someone). you can set up a standard set and keep reusing it, or create different ones. not tracking the content of the conversation, just did you contact them and if not why not. used more for the re-contact. if someone was not at home, you can set up different rules for future action based on the response code. if they were not home, it will create a followup activity three days later

if you want to take the content of their conversations and do something with it, from a UI purpose it is pretty crappy, but we are taking advantage of current functionality. creating custom fields, creating custom profiles.

any questions beyond the response codes need to be set up as custom fields.

in the survey you can then add the profile, allowing it to be included in the survey.

when you survey someone it will be stored as an activity associsted with the contact. the custom fieds are stored in the activity.

recording survey responses has a fast gui, allowing to update quickly and easily.

workflow for assiging people:

you can "Reserve respondents" allowing you to assign contacts to volunteers

"Interview Respondents" -

"Release Respondents" - bulk or one at a time

additional configuration fields for campaign: max reserved at one time, total # reserved per person, release frequency (script that runs that checks for people that have past)

people available to be reserved: never been assigned,

in individual activity tab, it would be great to filter by campaign activities.

activity search does allow you to search by surveys. search results need to have result showing up, so that if you "successfully" contacted someone three times, you could easily see that all those contacts were "not home," for example.

permissions - drupal permissions grid: new permissions include: interview campaign contacts, release, etc

new feature - select a group that is a sub group of a bigger group.

current interface allows you to search in a limited way geographically.

we created a new user in the database with limited permissions and opened a new browser to see it from that user's perspective. more limited menu, small subset of people, etc.

question - some groups work with autodialers, could the release mechanism be set to seconds to connect via an api to maximize the calling workflow.

is there a connection via civi mail? can we track respondents to a mailing related to the campaign?

ptp wants all the civi transactions to be able to be tied to the campaign.