Arduino, Raspberry Pi, & Beyond

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facilitated by Matt Ganucheau

IOT 101, CAS, Physical Computing, Citizen Sciences, Engaging Youth projects

How do we integrate? What do we do with them? Interfacing, leveraging, etc.

IOT - "Internet of Things"


2005 – show and tell, Italian research lab – turn on lightbulb, chip, resister, solder, programming interface...cumbersome


Brilliantly designed, Lego brick of electricity...completely OS, converts digital to electrical; sensors and actuators from motors to lights, what makes this OS?

Method of how chips interact, protocols, release to world; manufacturers have gotten excited about changing them; rereleased in smaller form, one inch Nano with USB port, (Arduino “the project”) Arduino is structured thing...

How much can you change it before it is not the original

  • Arduino has Java like language - C – has a certain set of protocols to elaborate on...all talk in Arduino code, subset...lower level into electronics...because it is OS, lego like mentality
  • Shields are built...completely changing functionality of the Arduino.
  • Micro SD card, snap on, stackable...connecting to web...what does it use of the Arduino?
  • Super-charge thinking is being done on the Arduino, digital out and in, analog out and in
  • Many variety of shields...mega with many ports - cost

All of these things connected to the web – iot – fifty billion iot devices in the world...race to get all these devices on the web...benefits of this...

Raspberry Pi

Different approach, arduino is very much like a cog in a wheel, doesn't think too much; if this happens then do this...not smart enough to run an OS, can't develop

  • Pi – has wi fi, ethernet, hdmi out, sd card slots, can run linux – craze – in building new life to embedded linux – flash sd card plug in, full fleshed os enviroment, xbox, etc.
  • Shields for raspberry pi, can make a drone, etc. motor expansions
  • Hi res hd camera for pi
  • Corporate approach to this: leveraging the momentum of these small machines – Pi is not quite os
    • Electric imp – sd card
    • Arduino and wi fi chip 25 chip...
    • Very corporate to name something an imp
  • Integrate iot into common applications
    • Card slots into coffee makers, refrigerators, lock a tron home doorknob, another things that bud released – hockey goal at home, register with mobile phone...
  • Key players/pushers: iot – adafruit, new york, spark fun, colorado, edu resources for all of these chips involvement
  • We have reached the point where wi fi chips are under ten bucks.

Embedded linux systems are out, we are already seeing wave of people to take down the pi, sneakers, cereal bowls, chips, corporate market push iot...what does that mean in terms of aggregating data?

  • Xivley: 12 competitors to them; they track your iot, register the device, host, widgets, etc. sniffed corporate interest...Google MINE – register your own and share they can track...
  • Does it work off IP address? Regulated as a separate computer.

How They're Being Used

  • Code bender: designed for teaching – one teacher with pi, arduino – Github, code all can see, students can fork the code; upload and see all the devices, code, etc based on what is forked.
  • Devices, pi, can be controlled from pads or other devices...
  • Community garden on oakland where they use these to water it...via twitter...
  • Citizen science, rewrite scientific research – new life
  • Github, Mozfest, os way to put plants on the web

artist in residence, raspberry pi foundation can register in networks, aggregate to create

education = engineering processing = programming


  • Volunteers in high school, students interested in coding and robotics get Arduino and are taught to program. Lesson plans...yes... has edu curriculum, from elementary to college.

  • Makey makeys – forty dollars – alligator clips, bananas, cups, touch and measures resistance, object acts as a button to push...
  • Maker Faire – ManyLabs ( science projects with Arduino, such as weather station – promise for this as well, citizen science aggregation. Data aggregation.
  • Learn how to connect to natural world, collect data, act upon it, make triggers; plant can tweet, thresholds, multiple sensors, living system.

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

  • Google data streaming platform – Xively project, Ptube, Pachube? There's nothing right now. Open data streaming platform. Roll out our own.
  • OS options – how to make platform alt to google. Key to all this is the host.
  • Platform to have your entire house connected...their method.
  • Trigger services
    • If this then that” - register services; weather feed
    • Device gets an email address, emails you with devices can start to tell you about your environment.
    • 'Sentience' streaming data; making it accessible.
  • Pachube went corporate.

Other Examples

50 billion devices

  • 3 Bridges – NY
  • Wireless water metering in NY, changing social relations of water company and consumer
  • Sensor networks – driven by the public
    • Mesh networks is that; RFID transmitters and receivers
    • Mesh network, Energy Solidary Cooperative, solar panels, coop, homeowners – to get off the grid, monitor their own stable and eco justice
  • Where is sun?
  • Distribution, what resources in nonprofits, data sharing? Who can host?
  • Baseline of streaming data services, naïve API for these devices; still no roll your own – hackerspaces API, broadcast your object and stream, all sensors in it can be broadcast.
  • Not just as pedagogical tool, but to connect with communities,

Wrapping Up

  • Hackathon for women on Arduinos - look for this
  • Participants of this hackathon had never seen an Arduino and in three days were making really cool stuff
  • Deaf translation from words to vibration using morse code.
  • Little girls could take a teddy bear and make it "responsive".
  • Libraries can get a free kit of Arduino boards from, and there is educators discount.


  • Explosion of invention at turn of twentieth century was due to everyone having enough tech skills to work on planes, bikes, trains, etc. renaissance of engineering - sees us in similar place, or going there now with STEM and STEAM technologies and edu of youth.

HCI class

Use hackathons to learn this!

Shameless plugs

  • Goboards, ti? launch pads, sudo room (, meet up on Tuesday nights – circuit board design, published “suduino” kit
  • embedded pi – door controller, keypad signal is handled by webserver on a rasp pi, unlocks door, door opening system, key inside three d printed case – gear and motor, app running.
  • Ddr pad? It's possible.

Ain't Science Neat?

  • Radiation sensing devices
    • Fukushima disaster, wave of people doing arduino radiation sensing
    • Karyn, north carolina: encourage everyone to carry toys, in places where people don't think about hacking; will bring some of these things there.
  • Wearable computing
    • Quantified self community – looking for new hacks on how to monitor themselves;
  • QS community
  • Big data sets help people find issues – doctor finding a heart attack.
  • TV-B-GONE – turns tvs off
  • Environmental impact of the production of plastic, used energy...rate of turn-over