Challenges in newsroom technology

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Challenges unique to reporters / newsrooms more broadly

Training required for ?


S: Requests -- ability to bank stories... abilitiy to develop and safely stash it somewhere, shceduled publishing

Complex workflow for video news --> namespacing for basecamp integration

CMSes, CRMs...

Project management system

Document workflow

Wordpress plugins to set roles and groups ... complex diagram based workflow

(Back to challenges)

Tooling and training for removing identifying information // training about what could be insecure

Clients have terrible taxonomy systems

Challenges in Latin America ... tiny country, two big newspapers ... hard to find a job, then you find one because the crisis is in all mediums

Old fashioned models for publishing, modernization hasn't really helped. Mixed platforms, mixed audiences... don't know which way to be to reach audience with managing content.

Lat am: Major publications without even a website. People still believe in the newspaper. Comfort zones and trust ... paywalls often fail.

Editors who believe in the web. Journalists themselves have closed minds about digital. You can do more in digital than write an article. The audience now is a problem too -- their desires are changing, video, gif, etc.


Not a journalist problem. Distribution if you're online only. How are you finding your audience? Are you chasing them through facebook?

Common problem: posting everywhere (platforms). Want to repeat what people are doing. Maybe less is more. Trying to think more about can be done. Bringing in influence of illustration, other fields.

Facebook looms large over this conversations (TK)


Role of Google news ... compliance with Google's standards (e.g. Google amp)

Google's tagging can be problematic -- being tagged as satire

Kenya's 2nd largest newspaper is tagged as satire

What you see in intl news is whoever meets the criteria and makes it in

One of reasons everyone chases Facebook is that your traffic numbers go up

Need to show growth in audience and traffic. But what's real growth?

How to communicate with donors about what impact is?

The way algorithms on Twitter and Google sink certain stories

When you look for content, it's really hard to find even if it's getting reported and produced

Clients with major loss in traffic on left wing (and maybe right wing) ... seems to be changes in Google's algoerithsm

If you're not on Google, did you actually write an article?

For daily nation in kenya, extra-controversial stuff only goes into print. Way to sneak in some content.


Question of personalization

Wary from a mission perspective

Customizing the donation appeal based on reading histories

Right wing news sites are far more interlinked than other corners of media

Progressive news organizations don't seem to do that well

You are what you link to in Google's terms. Reporters are wary to lose traffic or just making things harder to read.

Interorganizational agreements, standards for link backs etc

Allowing free republishing of content ... but how to find it? Requesting that people add a tracking pixel

Issue area tracking -- audience is going to be very small, publishing with partners. Very uneven sharing.

Past year changed Requesting that people add a tracking pixel

Issue area tracking -- audience is going to be very small, publishing with partners. Very uneven sharing.

Past year changed ...

For FPI, US DOJ started going after people, not going to take prosecuting journalists off the table

SecureDrop - Don't want to know what's passing, but still need to track

Reporters sometimes don't want to think

Lack of nuance in "I need to be secure" ... can meet in the middle

Threats and resiliency -- news sites more exposed to DDOS

Some orgs -- subject to incredible barage of attacks ... how to afford the protection?

Pillars: analytics, personalization, security