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A Case Study

facilitated by the Design Action Collective Team

3rd I Film Festival

  • Needed to build the festival site so it could launch, before going through the design of the organization site (the two would eventually merge, in a sense)
  • During the time of the festival, the site utilizes festival specific template/content

Electric Embers

  • Being able to articulately detail the discrepancies between the design and the resulting live coded site/tool
  • Creating a common language between designer and developer


  • Are Wireframes a useful tool?
    • Wireframing guides the design
    • It's a good tool to share ideas between designer and developer
    • WordPress/Live wireframing
  • Challenges/successes in collaborating Wireframe through design through development
    • Designers who come from a very strong print background starting to design for web
    • Project where you are not involved in architecture/design until its time to commit to code (time consuming, frustrating)
    • Clients who aren’t interested in the discovery process under the false assumption that not engaging in one will save them money
    • It's up to us to be clear to the client about what we can and cannot do
    • How to communicate feelings about the design without hurting feelings
    • Mismatch between goals of client and the resulting design
    • Clients, us designers and devs are interpreting solutions for you, negative feedback is just as useful as positive feedback
  • Communication is key