Creating a Open Source Platform for Simulation-Based Learning

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Facilitated by Ronald “Skip” Cole, United States Institute of Peace

Skip will share the story of the Open Simulation Platform, an open source content development framework that supports role-play simulation and interactive situational learning. Applications for the platform are focused on conflict resolution, but any type of role-play simulation can be created using the authoring tools of the system. Skip will demo the platform, and discuss the architecture, design decisions and future directions for the platform.

Session Notes

Session notes will be entered here.

“Open Simulation Platform” WIKI:

Allows people to create, manage and play simulations for teaching conflict resolution, negotiation, etc. These simulations are powerful in part because they allow players to see things from other points of view (and to see that “the other side” is not crazy/evil/stupid).

Doing this online (as opposed to live) allows some advantages; - Players can be anonymous (or pseudonymous) - Games can be asynchronous - Can simulate real-world situations (eg: One team is in a room together, communicates with other team mostly by email, as might happen in a real-world situation - Scales well –you can run a lot of “games” at once of a single simulations story.

It’s sort of like Dungeons and Dragons: “Simulations” are like modules. Intructors are like the Dungeon Master. Role-playing is a big component.

The Open Simulation Platform is meant to let people create and run all kinds of simulations.

Different time scales: A game can be played in an afternoon or over a semester. Simulations include player profiles, injects (news stories and events) an other items.

Possible future features: Add avatars More automation of the “Dungeon Master” role (more like a Sim game)

Can be used to teach: Conflict resolution Negotiation Policy decision-making Anything where people need to understand different sides of an issue

See also: (very elaborite training tool for conflict resolution)