2021 Skillshares Offered

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  • How can I manage a project? I oversee an app and we are stuck in dev
  • I want to learn how to take care/ergonomics for working w little stuff while traveling
  • Recipe for a good fish stew or other dish for fall/winter
  • Basic overview of Miro, benefits and limitations I can do a Miro board skillshare
  • How to find lefty design and tech groups (besides at NPDev)
  • Who here has started a co-op?
  • Overview of Drupal 7 to 8 / 9 migration challenges and opportunities
  • How to be an adult beginner/how to be comfortable with being bad at a new skill
  • Bicycle skillshare
  • How to find your landlord (in Los Angeles) should they become problematic, to protest
  • Making Kombucha
  • Boat alternatives: How to build a floating craft using trash, cloth/linen and resin
  • Zoom/Teams/etc alternatives
  • How to quit your job
  • Editing Wikipedia
  • How to edit/use OpenStreetMap
  • How to kill less plants and potentially propagate new ones
  • Zoom-hybrid meetings (in-person + rempote).
  • How to manage Zoom/Teams for Virtual Sessions
  • How to cook without relying on recipes
  • What's Obsidian.md https://obsidian.md/ and why is it rad? AKA how to use obsidian.md
  • I want to know about useful WordPress plug-ins