Becoming and Being a Digital Security Worker

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Good Stuff that Already Exists and/or We Do

  • Signal group of fellow colleagues/ friends:
    • Share ideas, challenges, ideally 10 max people for wholesome and trusted conversations
  • (EFF): for many was the starting resource :heart:
  • Security Education Companion (born w/ EFF, now coordinated by the Level Up community) to become a trainer
  • Level Up: trainers community
  • (threat model)
  • Security in a Box (for trainers)
  • Consumer Reports Resources (e.g. VPNs copared)
  • Holistic Security Manual (organizational security, assessments)
  • Human Rights Centered Design Curriculum: to center ethical lens in your work
  • Safetag: for auditors
  • Keeping Interpersonal Boundaries
  • Have Community: to share to good and the bad days too
  • Trustworthy Inclusive Spaces
  • Regional & Local Support Networks (for training of trainers, as well as wellbeing support)
  • Exercise Critical Thinking and Constructive Feedback
  • Center Care with teh people we strive to work for and with each other
  • Digital First Aid Kit
  • Information Ecology List & Communities of Practice & Resources

What we Want to do Next

  • What is the practice of centering care? Let's learn together!
    • propose this as an Information Ecology conversation
  • Identify communities that are underserved and ask them what we can do better for them
  • Research needs and threats in a contextualized manner (different regions, communities)