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Civicrm Overview

Session with Dave Greenberg November 18, 2014

  • Started this project at Groundspring for mailblaster. Excel spreadsheets and notecards, came up with the idea to create a constituent relationship management. From the beginning, they were determined to make it open source. If they make changes to it, you need to share it back with the community.
  • Thinking about the data, workflows and business processes you have. Civicrm is modeled to work with nonprofits. Membership management, fundraising.
  • Integrate the public online face with the backend crm. Civicrm was built to work with cms tools, Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress. Login to the website and can get permission to access to crm.
  • Drupal tools is best at this. Drupal Views and Civi can work together. Ambassadors program where Ambassadors can fill out their expertise and Views can display these tools.
  • Wordpress is the third integration. It’s been around for a year and a half.
  • 90% of code base is the same for the all the cms tools. The guts of it look the same.
  • Civicrm is multilingual. Team of translators. Translated into 20 languages. Growing communities in Latin America. It’s available in Mandarin and Korean.
  • There is an annual conference and meetups in different cities. In January there is an annual Cividay. We don’t know how many Civisites there are. About 10,000 active instances.
  • All the code is on Github. People can contribute patches and fix bugs. There is a community forum— <> and an active irc (internet relay chat) community.
  • They have worked to create a very friendly community.
  • Cohousing case study Neil at Cividesk helped put the technology house in order.
  • Progressive Technology. Powerbase, help organizations with organizing efforts. Created a fundraising pilot. How to customize civicrm to fundraise. They worked with Design Action. Several organizations they work with it was important to customize in other languages. Really beautiful publicfacing pages. Theming is really important. There is a monthly fee for Powerbase. Those extensions are available through Civi. Innovate and give back. They share everything. They open source everything. They do trainings, which are open to everyone. They make the public facingpages look like their website.
  • Civi uses the theme of your cms. You can use a different theme for front facing theme.
  • If you are embarking on a new installation of Civi, there are ways do these things easily. Best practices for customizing your Civicrm.
  • You can use Civicrm without a cms.
  • Lots of moving parts, and you don’t have to use them all. You can turn off what you are not using. They disappear from the interface. When you are ready to use them, you can turn them back on.
  • Understanding your constituents
  • Organizing contact records into three classes: People, Organizations and Households. You can also create Subtypes.
  • Website Integration
    • Donation, mailing list signup, event registration integrate into the site design
    • Constituents can update their own contact information
  • Civi has a strong api to integrate with different tool
  • International Mountain Biking Association
    • Website integration
    • New Drupal user and Civi user created
  • Map integration
    • set up latitude and longitude
  • Fundraising
    • Smart groups – Saved searches
    • Online and offline donations
    • Integrated communications
    • Personal campaign pages feature
    • Pledges
  • Concern Worldwide customized fundraising page
  • Events
  • online and offline registrations
  • Scheduled reminders
  • Simple and complex fee structure
  • Tell a friend capability
  • Membership programs
  • Analytics, strong Reporting framework. CiviVisualize extension is being developed. It’s in adolescent stage. You can set up scheduled reports.
  • Tagging system
  • Next thing coming is screen configurability. Drag and drop.
  • Scheduled communications allow you to set up rules.
  • Activities is an essential record in Civicrm.