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Hadassah Damien (open flows & the interference archive) & DKG (Daniel Gilmore)

What is the set of things that we have to catalog?

Things we collect:

  • information about the military in Hawaii (use wordpress)
  • library, objects at a hacker space, (use labatrack moving to my celia)
  • digital documents that are related
  • wikis, archiving a site
  • digital arciving project & oral history project, training materials, posters, graphics, training kits, tshirts
  • video footage, software archiving
  • pamphlets, posters, pictures
  • historic documents – letters, flags, newspaper clippings, photos
  • built an archive using drupal – digital zine
  • database of businesses
  • zine library, omeka – curriculum - github

Software we use:

  • labatrack
  • wordpress
  • drupal
  • omeka

Why Keep Stuff? Why Inventory?

  • reference
  • reuse
  • value
  • what stories do we tell as a society – history/herstory
  • search
  • to understand the collection
  • communities - responsibility to the community, expectations of the community

Key to determine - Who is going to be using it?

  • open to the public? private? partly private?
  • copyright issues?

How to we start collecting meta data & inventorying these things?

Ephemera – not traditional texts – like pamphlets, newspaper clippings – things that lack common characteristics that would allow them to be cataloged together

With physical collections – things that are in the realm of the possible are not necessarily in the realm of the probable – for example - can inventory everything (& make that accessible to the public) without digitizing its content

Need to figure out what you are going to track about the collection:

  • Dublin Core is a standard set of things to keep track of – formatting and syntax Dublin Core Wikipedia

Diving Deeper into 2 Tools:

  • omeka
    • ABC no Rio – art archive, art zines, art center, collectively run, has a permanent collection
    • comes of the Roy Rosening New Media Lab
    • open source
    • collect management software – similar to wordpress
      • has hosted version
      • upload it to server & interface is similar to wordpress
      • has powerful tags
      • can add pages
    • can set up collections & exhibits
  • collective access
    • “like the drupal of cataloging and arciving”
    • info about things can be more fine grained and defined
    • different interfaces for public vs catalogers or different levels of catalogers
    • can define different object types for the things
    • entities who create your entrys are cataloged along with the works – who is editor, who made it,
    • allows for a more nuianced view of the data
    • low res. & full versions
    • can determine what is available to the public vs private, on individual level & collection level

Also, Mukurtu connects with Drupal.