Accessibility: Language & Disability

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Accessibility: Language & Disability

How do we make our technology more accessible for folks with disabilities & languages

Disability Intro:

3 components


  • High contrast in terms of colors, add-on tools from available from Mozilla to check contrast:
  • Fonts readable, size (14+) & type
  • Design clean & predictable theme elements
  • Navigation needs to be intuitive, don't make too deep (no mega menu) & use descriptive words
  • Content that is not text, like images need to have alt tags & make sure multimedia has transcripts
  • Slider/flashing content is hard to use with readers:


Documentation: Information given to clients

  • Include documentation on the importance adds tags & alt text

Language Intro: The more simplified you keep the easier to translate

Why would you want to localize? Thinking about other languages it's an investment of time and

What are you localizing?

  • Documentation
  • Websites

How do you find translators?

  • Do you contract with professional translators?
 * With idioms it will be easier to capture 
  • Translating with local communities
 * English used is very simple & articulate
  • Setup a language brief at the beginning
  • Rid ourselves of English assumptions
  • Form can restrict language characters or symbols
  • More spaces may be needed for translations since it needs more space for words
  • Plurals are not the same in all languages
  • Keep sentences together in website development so that it comes through in one string
  • Setup process, there are many tools
  * TransFix
  * Quick Diff
  * Pinyin 
  * TextMate

Don't be fooled by other people's success

People are very committed to a project, like with firefox You need to create your own community

Machine Translation:

  • Works with languages that are structured in a similar way
  • When not the same, it's difficult to use in machine
  • Comes down to which languages has more information is the system

Translations Commons: Translators without Borders: