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* [[Technology capacity building in Spanish and bilingual Spanish-English]]  
* [[Technology capacity building in Spanish and bilingual Spanish-English]]  
* [[Ways to conduct user research in open technology]]  
* [[Ways to conduct user research in open technology]]  
* [[Vote engagement technology]]  
* [[Voter engagement technology]]  
* [[How to sustain your activism]]  
* [[How to sustain your activism]]  
* [[Open mapping]]  
* [[Open mapping]]  

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Aspiration events are first and foremost convened to strengthen the ties and social networks of technology practitioners in the nonprofit/nongovernmental sectors.

The #npdev session list is co-developed with participants, facilitators, and partners in the time leading up to and during the Festival. We strongly encourage you to join in the fun at this unique and interactive gathering!

The agenda is designed and facilitated using Aspiration's unique participatory model, in an environment where powerpoint slides are discouraged and dialogue and collaboration drive the learning.

Our philosophy centers around getting participants into small-group discussions where they can discuss topics they are passionate about and get answers to their questions and curiosities. Sessions at Aspirations have particular traits; we de-emphasize presentations and lecture, and instead focus on "break-out" sessions that are self-organized whenever possible .

Wednesday November 14

Opening Session

Around the World

Working Sessions I

Working Sessions II

Happy Hour

Thursday, November 15

Working Sessions III

Skillshare Session

Demo Session

Working Sessions IV

Friday, November 16

Working Sessions V

Working Sessions VI

Working Sessions VII

Party at Radical Designs' Old Office in Preservation Park