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Challenges people face in creating resources that share ownership, enable contribution and support collaboration:

  • Information architecture
  • How to integrate structured data with unstructured (user generated) data
  • Choosing a framework for the data already collected
  • Buy-in/Trust
  • Tech Hurdles
  • Will it be: reliable, relevant, updated
  • Language Barriers
  • Lack of shared language/identity
  • Incentivising Use/Participation
  • Getting Buy-In/Time
  • Sharing sensitive info across geography (need better collaboration tools)
  • Energetic Sustainability (Beg = Yes! Let's do this" but then crickets)
  • Unstructured collaboration (ppl in different places)
  • Staff doesn't support networks well
  • Keeping network members engaged
  • Shared understanding of organisation of the things (ex: naming docs)
  • How to create consensus within a group so we can move forward
  • Keeping things current
  • Time
  • Organisations actual incentives don't encourage information sharing
  • Getting knowledge from brains to resources

• How to get participation and feedback on the service • How to maintain service independent of ISP on mesh network

The network centric resources lifecycle:


  • Understand Network Needs and Assets
  • Cultivate buy in


  • Outreach plan
  • Roles and process
  • Set purpose and goals


  • Draft Content
  • create user profiles
  • Identify and acquire resources
  • Credit Contributors


• Launch

  • Evaluation Metrics


  • Monitor Useage
  • Revise and Revine


  • Versioning
  • Forking


  • Archiving

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