Requests for proposal: How to

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Best Practices for Putting Out an RFP:

  • Give enough time to submit
  • Do not require/mention specific technology - focus on solution and keep it open so applicant can provide an approach
  • Build Flexibility/Capacity to apply learning
  • Be clear on criteria
  • Be clear on budget range, but only reveal 2/3 of total budget as it WILL go up to or over your total amount.
  • Be honest about dates
  • Avoid purely quantitative scoring
  • Provide Feedback if possible
  • Have someone from outside review
  • Don’t do an RFP for sake of RFP

Best Practices for Applying for an RFP

  • Define the relationship
  • Focus on expected bench marks
  • Mention your robust network/collaboration
  • Connect to larger impact/work then to self
  • Have a plan B convo to use (recycle) content/relationships if don’t win
  • Focus on establishing the relationship/process, rather than specific outcomes
  • Build relationships with funders
  • Is the org a fit and do they have capacity to work with us?
  • Build relationships with funders
  • Assess your potential for success and amount of work
  • Stay true to who you are - let your voice come through in the proposal
  • Save your work/Make Templates
  • Assess your potential for success and amount of work
  • Ask the funder questions if unclear on certain aspects
  • Clear go/no go criteria (eg. From within our network, great fit)
  • Make there response process collaborative.
  • Make clear that if they pick another candidate “we’re here if you want to do this a different way”