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Kate has science and data practices background. Lots of resource scarce non-profit and government contact problems. Same-page translation can be resource and time intensive. Do you protect the tech people from the policy wonks?

Ben J has problems leaving new non-profits' internal terminology.

Environmental and public health. Effective public advocacy. Explain work if science data. Think local, government policy. Politicians need cost benefit analysis fine for them. They don't have time to interpret data. Make open or internal produced data applicable. - Ramy.

Cynthia EFF legal team. Barriers to communication between silos. Activists, tech, law. Challenging to get on same policy expectations. Great for one, awful for another. Moving to project management role.

Greg, objective: creating spaces for people to learn from each other. Need to get paid. Good intentions vs good outcomes depends on group alignment. Value difference management. Some OSS techs inherently at odds with building community. Speculative work based on each new environment.

Nonprofits to Kate: Don't talk to tech people, they're roadblocks. Take techs on site where their tech is being used. We're not always budgeted for proper connection work.

Ramy doing paid contracts now, less pro bono. People and governments aren't paying for silo bridging work. Cite past successes.

Cynthia looked idea of citing successes in government and nonprofits. Can be done internal as well. Makes sense to document internal success and send that to other teams' ambassadors. Identify change agents.

Ben design world, value from making client comfortable. Value alignment. Sense of trust. Hard to qualify without references.

Ramy use case: multidisciplinary approach to a design. Extrasensory immersive pre-work, make more tangible.

Ben now more consultant even when hired as designer.

Kate: pay rates, reflect process not just product? Encourage clients to think of what value is left when a project is over. Show process time in quoting. IDEO made half million project, process impact didn't last past end of project.

Jared, integration of process development time instead of after the fact training. Success spectrum. Failures, Minimum, Target, Epic success categories. Goal alignment. Is this worth everyone's time? Articulate group and individual goals.

Government has scarcity mindset. Epic success propositions can get emotional.

Ben media public interest process, visioning exercise. Even far fetched can be inspiring.

Push pull issues? Lots.

Need to recognize own biases, have shared understanding, at least of starting points.

Greg: prescribed roles vs broader ecosystem players. Yochai Benkler: who is the backend visualization flow for?

Need educational time allotment.

Cynthia: need to instill cultural value.

Until radical inclusion happens, cross-silo bridges will always be necessary.