Technology capacity building in Spanish and bilingual Spanish-English

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What do we want to take away from this session?

E-(Aspiration) – works with Tech capacity and digital security – wants to do workshops in Spanish; how do we do it…what is needed to do it

J-(LiBRE) – want to get ideas on how to include more Spanish speakers in the work

A-(web developer at Design Action) – English is the default language in everything – would like to see more education and classes for Spanish speakers in technology, more administration and developers

O-(Teens exploring tech) – founder and director – wants to learn from others and what else we can do

M –(Sula Batsu) wants to build tech capacity and appropriate tech to help communities – curious what Latinx community is doing here in California

Y-(Tech director at UCSC) – works with students and what is happening with tech

G-using videos, comics, t.v. and various ways to get more folks involved in tech

J-(Founder of Hacking space) – wants to help others get connected to tech – unsatisfied that there is not a big youth presence in tech and its needed in the movement spaces – we need documentation and interfaces as well as strategies

ACTIVITY: What we have and What we need

(full list of the resources we count on and the resources we need coming soon)

  • Methodology and manuals – need to standardize for different populations (i.e. Tech independence) with exercises and activities
  • Need to make available for all
  • Latinx have the will to learn and Google translate is not [good] enough
  • We need better systems to translate and make it open source to be able to change
  • We have some resources to help interpret(ation) = MUMBLE
  • We need to build relationships with Tech “Nerds” and more education
  • We need authentic and cultural sensitivity -> in our language – there are various levels of skills and our relationships are impacted
  • We need strategic funding and campaign development that is done in Spanish
  • Cyber Security – there are not too many resources in Spanish
  • We should develop a support network for folks that are interested in continuing the education
  • We need a repository of information and resources and materials in Spanish