Representing lived experience in data

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There are sets that are easy to compile becuause theyre traditionally valuable

   How do we turn metadata into data"
   To be accountable to funders, we need metrics, but the work we do isn;t always easy to report
   How do we measure and quanitfy relationship building?
       Provided free legal clinics to expunge records
       Others do these kinds of things but they differed
           Partnered with orgs that did cultural 
           Clients sat through a presentation by activists and educated them on their place int he justice system and social issues, instead of lawyers
           Tied to the Ban the Box 
       What they measured was who kept involved as well as people getting expungments. Was this more effective than lawyer only groups?
       They showed numbers of things like communications with community, and other things that might beconsidered peripheral benefits, and actually measured them
   Emotional Geographies
       People do travelougs of where they travel and where they feel safe
       Map where specific places are that groups of people feel safe
       Mapping perceptions of safety in gentrifying areas
   Email Lists
       You want to expand program reach
       tailor messages to segments of your list
   Find inidcator questions in surveys
       Bury what you're trying to find out
   Always be thinking about how to find a metric to your research questions
   Quantifying Trust
       Consenting to followup stuff are indicators in themselves 
           Is it ok to share your story?
           Is it ok to follow up?
       Your intakes and offboarding are opportunites to include those questions and include them in your database
   Perceived Distance studies are interested
   Ethical Collection
       How do you collect data without making it a barrier or hurt trust
       Could this data be used to hurt them?
   Hiding this data might be necessary
       Say making a database or tool for companies to hire formerly incarcerated. Customers could see that firms are hiring workers
       Are you making a database of vulnerable populations?
   Environmental determinents of health
       How measure?
   Working with Researchers
       You need to come back to the community with your findings to get feedback and context