Working effectively on distributed teams

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Working with distribution networks

Flows of information from masses of people to make it easy for them to collaborate with a team

Logistics of managing smaller teams and using technology to support it

Two conversations:

1. Small team with business hours

2. Log-in space where people jump in periodically to contribute information

Online collaboration, and what it is

GOAL: You've got a goal , something you are working towards and that is a really good place to start because if you don't have that you are going to be in trouble

TEAM: People that want to contribute

METHOD OF WORK: Actual discreet thing that they do and their incentive

COMMUNICATION TECH: Communication technology that makes all of this happen

Make everything clear and then find the tech that supports that

Tech relationship management content management project management

Level of familiarity with collaborative partners has a big impact on how they work together

Clear example from Matt about a project he is working on that requires distributed creation of content in volunteer teams


Skype group chat Google docs - synchronous Basecamp G-chatting in google standard System of agreement 1-5 (5 complete agreement, 0 severe disagreement)