WordPress Optimization

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facilitated by Ria and Andrea

notes by Genevieve

Cloud Flare

  • Free and paid plans
  • Security
  • CDN = Content delivery network. Reroutes websites to different servers around the world - deliver your website from local proximity server

Speed of delivery

  • Speed of delivery factors in Google optimization algorithms
  • jQuery - loading just specific files on the CDN


  • Complicated! Google fonts?
  • Security - better to load your own fonts from your own server, but it varies from site to site.


  • Cruft = Something extraneous - code that is left around, perhaps for a prior use, but no longer relevant

Lazy loading

  • Browser will load anything being brought on the page - rolling layers of dynamic loading
  • XT - really easy on WordPress plugin
  • Recommended to LazyLoad Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Google Translate - slows by seconds, decreases optimization
  • Resetting sizes of images impacts load time -> lazy


  • Stripping out metadata
  • Services for lossless compression
  • Takes out backend information that is not necessary to view image -> increases load efficiency


  • PDFs are tricky because they are heavy
  • Perhaps use a third party service or a java script library
  • PDFs are proprietary!
  • Optimize your PDF file for web view
  • Can use third party plug-ins

Other Optimization Tips

  • Build systems that auto-scale images, or other optimizers
  • Responsive image
  • Look for WordPress 4.4!
  • SourceSet - standardization of image optimization
  • Using transparent PNG -> Ratios of images, placeholder space -> Background frames, containers


  • Lazy load the videos
  • API set up to get the thumbnail
  • jQuery load thumbnail, then load bigger file if/when user activates


  • WordPress Supercache
  • Dynamic sites -> Supercaching goes straight to cache instead of connecting = database calls
  • Use plug-ins to manage/delete caching
  • WP-CLI = more advanced command line


  • P3 - Plug-in performance profiler
  • Interprets WordPress plugins' performances
  • Back-ups redundancy!
  • By GoDaddy :-(

Hosting providers

  • Electric Embers co-op
    • Highly recommended
    • Reliable, small, do not have a control - minimal but dev-friendly.
    • Becoming WordPress hosting providers (always up on WordPress progress)
  • Flywheel (Based in Nebraska)
  • WordPress Engine - recommended


  • Whole other level of SEO consideration
  • Levels of traffic can be critical with active usage
  • Must have CDN, supercaching, etc.