What is EFF up to and how can you help?

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EFF alliance: Supporting local groups in local or state advocacy work. Some work is advocacy focused. Works to connect different groups within alliance. To join EFA, folks need to agree to principals (privacy, security, creativity, free speech, access to knowledge), have to be a US-based not-for-profit org focused on state or municipal issues. Local groups maintain their own autonomy, not a chapter model. Groups need to have at least three members active for at least three months to join.

EFF Threat lab: Cyber security research for marginalized groups traditionally ignored by cyber security industry: journalists, activists, sex workers, etc.

EFF works with journalists to publicize digitaql rights issues, and call attention to them to generate action.

EFF has pushed antivirus companies to treat things like stalkerware as malware to protect others against it.

EFF’s Atlas of surveillance is a way folks can get list of all surveillance tech that law enforcement agencies in the area have purchased, including observations of surveillance technologies along US/Mexico boarder.