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AEGIR for an example of aegir being used in the real world

REASONS FOR EXISTING Drupal maintenance is hell No current staging solution Solves upgrades as well

Allows for on-demand drupal deployment Potential Cpanel alternative Drupal Presets that



- combination of a flavor of drupal, server, and database
- uses drush makefiles under the hood
- Platforms can be used for on-demnad deployment of pre-configured Drupal sites
- many different kinds of deployment strategies available ( hosted server vs server cluster, etc)
- knows which clients are associated with which sites

Examples: Have a platform for vanilla drupal, drupal plus civiCRM, Drupal plus amazon asset server. This cuts out a fair amount of setup work. Aegir can then migrate a site from one platform to another as the client's needs change. For example, moving a site from cheap shared hosting to expensive scalable cloud hosting to handle a giant traffic spike.


- For each platform, set up a number of tasks to easily perform common admin activities.
- Examples: Install, Backup, CLone, Delete, Reset Password, Migrate, Restore, Verify

Example Migration Workflow: - Create a set of patches and revisions in git or version control of choice - Create make files for other changes - Create a new platform that includes the changes - Move sites from the old platform to the new one - If there is a problem, move them back to the old platform


- configure a set of different server profiles (apache, nginx, mysql), to use with your Platform