Unlocking the API potential of Google Apps

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Facilitated by Ryan Ozimek, PICnet

Most folks are now aware that Google offers hosted productivity apps such as Google Docs. But many less are aware of the rich API-level access available to developers. Ryan will offer a tour of these APIs and give some examples of nonprofit-specific use cases.


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  • Everyone's Uses

(Possible) Uses of Google API

  • Charts
  • Provisioning System
    • EMail Services
    • Google Apps
    • Creating Accounts
  • Maps
  • Search
    • AJAX Search
    • Google Suggest
  • Google Earth (in Browser)
  • Google Checkout
  • Google Docs
    • Could have good potential for accessing spreadsheets and integrating with Charts, Maps
    • Speadsheet as forms
  • Google Calendar
  • Grand Central (coming up)
  • GData


  • Open-ness
  • Accessibility
  • Security
    • SASS90 Type2 (Google Maps for Domain)
  • What can Google do with that data?
    • Read EULA
  • What if Google goes away

Most Popular

  • Maps
  • Analytics
  • Search


  • code.google.com
    • Examples
    • Videos
    • API documentation

Uses of Google APIs


  • API key
  • Needs to be Publicly Available
  • Tons of example, videos
  • Can create what is in the marker window
  • Put GData

Google Earth (in Browser)

  • Plugin (download)
  • If plugin go to regular Map
  • Regionation
  • Size of icons


  • Key
  • HTML Table translate columns and then API can turn into chart


  • Example
    • Marketing Calendar that is Shared
    • Use Email
    • Integrating Salesforce and Marketing Calendar (Can do)

Provision Email

  • Case Study: Non-Profit SoapBox (un-demand Joomla)
    • Needed email accounts for customers
    • Google Apps was a good solution
    • Can include Google Apps into installation
    • In Joomla, can create new email accounts in web interface
    • Create email lists on the fly
    • one point of entry


  • Markers in a Map, select certain markers via mouse
  • scheduling emails


  • embed analytics data into a site
  • embed code from google.com/analytics


  • easily create a document repo
  • Example: Salesforce
    • can attach documents to contact
    • can edit in browser
  • can cross reference
  • full text search
  • Case Management
  • Can uplaod PDF and JPG


  • collects services into one site
  • many way to use google services with just embedded html (no coding)
  • use API, coding to create something more dynamic and data-driven
  • make site easier with simple search
  • privacy, security concerns


  • JING (screencasting tools)
    • jingproject.com
  • Google Audio Search