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Trump Session ~225-310PM 20161116

deck of cards with Bush admin with 2003 Iraq invasion

doing one for new admin... 52 things to do against the regime

52 bad things? no, make it empowering, a tool

support our friends ACLU, Planned Parenthood, etc.


top of card picture/what it is we're protecting and the strategy: thematic

audience: on the fence or the just the anti's?

those who want to fight back.


fight divisivness

not scapegoating particular groups for his win

"united we stand"

reaching out to pro-trump ppl

figure out threats, then figure out replies


women's rights, healthcare, immigration, disability, economics, racism, BLM, supreme court, Muslim reg

human rights, war/security clubs, environment, banks/finance diamond

all 52 of what-to-do concretes

individual govt

problems solutions

categories of what?

Planned Parenthood escort

protest fracking

individual steps versus a systemic problem

going to where ppl are at

different levels: grassroots, govt... conflict resolution levels

common colors in solidarity

watch a movie 13??

show solidarity... safety pin

addressing kids

which groups?

join the ACLU/NAACP

write congressperson

signal support... white noise to protect the protesting individuals

create art

NC: towards gender neutral bathrooms

poster/letter in windows of stores

focusing red states

addressing union members min wages worker coops fight for 15 health insurance: real top

boycotts: coalition against trump list of ten divest from

climate change issue... fracking..

support community media

bridging to the red states...

>the myths of, what you can do, what *he* could do

core values, collective action, individual action, important discussion

not relying on the liberal elite

keeping online comments positive on social media, no violent offensive language

next steps... operational conclusions

reaching out aclu

a web dev...

suits: actions you can do an individual, in friends/families, communities, govt level

global connections to others under similar governments