Training: Drupal Security and Performance Tuning

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Facilitated by Neil Drumm, MAPLight Developer, Drupal developer,, theme.

Neil will cover a range of advanced Drupal topics, including cache optimization, appropriate module configuration, intelligent module design and re-use.



Security stuff:

Scalability stuff:

  • Order of attacking scalability issues should be:
    • Fix the easy problems first
      • Make sure you are aggregating CSS and JS files, use cache
      • Pull views and panels out of db settings and into modules
        • Views caches in particular can get very big
      • Avoid sharing fields between content types
      • Rip CCK nodes out of CCK and make them custom modules
    • Buy some more hardware - separate the DB server, add additional web servers
    • Only then try to fix the hard problems

How to slow the harder scalability problems:

  • When trying to cut load times, look at views and panels first
  • Look for slow SQL queries using ySlow
  • has 2 good scripts to help pinpoint problems
    • mysqla
      • You can have this script explain a select statement and tell you why it is slow
    • mysql report
  • OP code cache for PHP -> APC
  • xdebug for profiling
    • xdebug gives backtraces on queries
    • can take a lot of memory to use
  • devel module shows a list of slow queries
  • More RAM on the web server can also help a lot
  • Try reverse proxies such as varnish or squid
    • Could be useful for sites that have a lot of readers but not a huge amount of edits (read-only sites). This is the case with Wikipedia and CDAs "save their life"
    • This can help to avoid getting more hardware
    • These are generally hard to configure
  • Consider using a content distribution network (CDNs).
    • These make JS, CSS, Images, and content files faster to download
    • Also hard to configure
    • Only really big sites need/use it
    • Advomatic uses Voxl
    • is going to try panther soon
  • For testing you can use a load simulator
    • Don't do this on the same server as your live site (obviously)
    • Popular load simulators are Siege and Apache Bench