Training: Customizing and Extending CiviCRM for Developers / Integrators

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Facilitated by Dave Greenberg, CiviCRM Product Manager

Dave will cover customizing templates, using CiviCRM hooks, leveraging CiviCRM APIs in your modules. Based on participant interest, advanced Drupal / CiviCRM integration will also be addressed, including geeky experiments w/ Views


unformatted and typos

Future Changes

Civicrm 2.1.2

  • Released this week.
  • Integration with Drupal
  • Support ??
  • Blog post about API changes

CiviCRM 2.2

  • CiviCase
  • jQuery (off Dojo)
  • US PIRG sponsored
  • Scalability
  • Bug fixes
  • January Beta
  • More hooks for Drupal !!
  • CiviEvent and CiviContribute -> Customize Contribution Block
    • Differnet Members get different place
  • State Country widgets will change
  • CiviMail will be easier to use Deployments
  • US PIRG, AFFC, Eminent Defense, Guy in Brussel
    • DEvelopeing REST-dul-ish API
  • PCP - Personal Campaign Cases
  • Mass Mailing from Search Results (instead of Groups)
  • Graphs with Custom Searching (by example)


Available Right Now in 2.x

  • API
    • Top level objects
    • Custom fields and objects
  • Temp Table Caches to have better perfomance expecially with ACL and Smart Groups
  • Hook in ACLs because UI was too extensive/expensive
  • Custom Search
    • List of Custom Searches
  • Ping Back when installed ~7,000

API Now and Future

  • Should be backwards compatible

Other Issues

Semantic HTML

  • Abstracting templating

Open Source Community

  • What Works
    • Community Driven Features
    • Flushing Detail
      • CiviMember is a good example
    • Fine grain tracking to determine what is actually beeing used
    • Forum
    • IRC Channel getting a lot of use recently
  • Improvements
    • Improve discussion and particpation
    • Getting more consulting firms involved
    • More user groups
  • Meetings
    • More user meetings

Mobile App Ability

  • Maybe not as the website, but more through API

2.3 Features?