Tracking Where Your Organization and Your Issues are Discussed Online

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Facilitated by Matt Garcia, Aspiration

Session Description

Matt has done extensive research in "social media listening", utilizing tools like Netvibes to track where organizations are mentioned online and how social media messaging propagates. In this session, he'll demonstrate the the Netvibes platform that Aspiration uses, and talk about how he uses the data that comes back to build relationships and find relevant online conversations.

Facilitated by: Matt Notes by: Todd Other Participants: Sarah, Amanda, David, Robyn, Mat, Laney (sp?)


  • Like it's name implies, RSS feeds are Really Simple Syndication...feeds - they help you track keywords about your organization on the web
  • For non-profits, it's recommended to start with just the organization name, but once you're used to it you can search for your ED's name, keywords, like-minded orgs., and possibly opponents to your cause
  • Matt recommends NetVibes as a dashboard to view your RSS feed. It's easy to see them all in one place, and multiple people from your org can use it at one time.
  • There are a ton of great resources to track not only keywords that search spiders find, but blog entries, comments in response to blog entries, discussion boards, people who are sharing your shortened url., etc.
  • For details, visit the note

"Full" Session Notes

RSS - Really Simple Syndication (it's easy! we swear!)

  • - a decent dashboard for displaying RSS feeds. This can be a shared dashboard, so multiple people in your org can use/view it.

Netvibes is just another way to display rss feeds all in one place -- helps you to track different key words,

same as google reader, dashboard just displays the info differently

(igoogle is theoretically another option to display your rss feeds)

you can subscribe to rss searches -- this way, you can track whenever new content appears in a search

good to focus on organization's name, your ED's name, other important keywords

Good references:

"I think that google alerts is just a lot of noise, blogsearch is much richer data -- less noise"

(short side comments on - very useful for A/B testing. this can be a quick way to track what new is appearing, and manage all of your Bitly links at the same time)

Facebook is really hard to search b/c of the privacy settings -- don't expect much when trying to search for mentions within Google

Idea -- good to also track like-minded groups or organizations (or opponents!)

What are NetVibes' archiving policies? Do they archive? Is the limiting factor the

Is there a program/service that allows you to download/archive your rss feeds?

Matt's suggestion to NPOs: try it out for your organization's name w/ just 3 rss feeds. Don't start with too much!

Question: Tweemap - used to show the locations of where your tweets are coming from. Tweemap no longer works, but it used to be great. Are there any other geo-location tools for showing where your tweets are coming from?