The Wonders of Git

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Facilitated by the Radical Designs Team

Git is a recent entry into the development landscape, and in the words of Evan Henshaw Plath, Git has “made forking projects manageable”. Git enables developers to customize behavior for projects while taking advantage of updates from other developers. Developers can explore different implementation avenues with a low cost of changing course. Pushing changes back up to original developers is also easier, and sites such as GitHub have been able to easily layer social networking on top to track connections between contributors. “It changes the way you think about version control”, offering decentralized operation compared to SVN, which requires connection to a central repository. Every cloned repository is a complete copy of the original, including all history, and these clones are space efficient enough to live on your laptop, enabling disconnected operation.


Git Sesh - git > subversion, cvs, mercurial, anything else, really - how does git work?

run-down advantage - disconnected operation, whole repository on your computer every checkout is a full thing do everything locally - with subversion, dont check in until tet pass, miss a lot of incremental changes - svn branches are seperate folder, git is smarter - tracks 'diffs' instead of folders changes - interrupted workflow no problem ITS MAGIC!!!!! you can stash your changes? like a fake anonymous branch

DIA is scary code

'im not a developer' 'you grow an awful big beard for not being a developer'

get your fellow coders on board -acts_as_git' rails plugin

git web interface

setup git - c and perl git hub-website that provides github,com free for opensource developers (seth demos github website)

you can use ssh to clone a git repo or rsync, you dont need a server process running

amazing - git(hub) changes the world one central user, everyone clones (forks) push in your changes, no commit groups, pull request isnt there a high cost to allowing everyone in? well, you have to authorize their ssh key...? really it just changes everything youve ever known about version control github - nice little timeline, you can see forks, merges - no sourceforge-like tracking, but maybe soon?

darwinian solutions to 'the forking problem'

you can watch other repositories on github

solves the benevolent dictator problem

steps to get git ports, apt-get make a repo right off the bat track EVERYTHING

git-svn integration: can use git locally and push to svn

gitosis ( - good idea for secure files

really clever merging of distinct projects, beauty of dvc (distributive version control)

coding as a social process

git-jour: git over a local network