The State of SalesForce for Nonprofits

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Session lead by Kevin Bromer

~9000 orgs are using (SFDC)

~4000 orgs use a purely custom version

- the NPSP is 5 different apps

- Kevin has been there for about 10 months

- Foundation is totally separate from Salesforce

- 65 people at the Foundation, UK, Ireland, Australia, Japan, India, and Hong Kong

- the platform for the Non-Profit Starter Pack is the same as the Enterprise level

- Non-Profit Starter Pack source and information is at

- B Corporations receive a big discount

- two mailing list groups

--- Non-Profit Starter Pack User Group

--- Non-Profit Salesforce Practitioners

- non-profits receive the enterprise edition of SFDC

- NPSP includes householding opportunities

- NPSP includes relationships, letting people make connections to each other

- you get the ability to create multiple sandboxes

- more details on the NPSP

--- no hands-on consulting services, so they can't always make programming implementations that can't be easily supported

--- open APIs

- you can check out the starter pack by the trial or via the Developer setup

- lots of documentation and resources, and they run office hours once a week

- attrition rate is getting better over time

- they're focused on trying to help make orgs that are using the tool more successful in using them

- they're looking to expand community resources, like a video tutorial for every typical need by an organization

- they're using github for open sourcing the NPSP

- lots of new features, like different currency support, came from the community

- training through SFDC is 50% off

- the AppExchange is the app marketplace for SFDC community

- a good number of SFDC consultants in the non-profit sector

- check out the Grameen Foundation's mashup of using SFDC

- the application comes out of the box with the ability to run reports, dashboards.

- B-to-C can be a little bit of a challenge for organizations (business to consumer relationship)

Report Back

1) The SF Foundation provides effectively any 501c3 with 10 free licenses

2) The NPSP is their open source template that makes SF easier for NonProfits

3) It's most commonly used for fundraising, but we had some pretty cool examples beyond that

4) Strong APIs, built in reporting, dashboards, etc….database in the sky

5) Working on making it better for non-profits that don't fit the traditional CRM model….like a business-to-consumer model