Texting Campaigns

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  • Jessica’s service,Handstack.com, creates a one-on-one relationship with the recipient
  • Opt-in is easier using org’s opt-in numbers or master voter files
  • $250-$2500/10k/msgs/month
  • How and what kind of engagement are we wanting?
    • Reminder msg b/f event and survey a/f
    • Organizing to attract people to come to events
    • Announcements to take action along side email action alerts
    • Immediacy of message and mobilize in real time
    • Identifying use case is essential
  • How to use for distributed group administration?
    • Separate by demographics, i.e., address, zip code, etc.


  • Mobilecommons.com: call and response
  • Oneworldonline.com: health issues
  • Progressive Technology Project; Powerbase; Disseminate to organizations
  • Social Movement Technologies; How to use FB for organizing
  • PopVox.com; political engagement direct to elected officials