Technology and chronic illness

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  • Problem to solve: figuring out what to solve
    • Currently building on top of a ticketing platform
    • chronic illness platform to help with associated mental health issues
    • volunteer counselors
    • currently using Zendesk
    • crisistextline
    • is this case management software that is needed? (perhaps)
  • Volunteers being found via college campus programs
  • Not explicitly coordinating with health care providers
  • Would like a base of 50 volunteers; put out call for volunteers 2.5 weeks ago
  • Is HIPAA compliance important?
  • Is 50 the right starting number of counselors? Could it be one counselor to start?
  • What is the "minimum viable product" for this?
  • LTSS = Long term services and support (should LTSS institutions be approached as potential partners)?
  • It could be there are many paths in the early days, and experimenting might be useful to find core type of support
    • Text-based?
    • Voice-based?
    • In-person?
  • Figure out what processes are needed, and then figure out how to scale it (rather than building the software first)
  • Funding? Potentially grants