Technology Capacity Building

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Effective Technology Capacity Building

  • Effective Technology Capacity Building: With Misty Avila and Dirk Slater:

General Advice

  • Know what people's needs are and be able to meet them. Listen effectively. Be respectful of your clients. Just because people don't know what you know doesn't mean they are stupid / not worth talking to.

  • What does it look like?:
    • Good Documentation: makes sure there is organizational memory, and there's no one person who knows everything.
    • Clients know what technical help they need, and where they can find it (in-house vs outside consultant).
    • Tech Roadmap Building: Where are we going, where have we been?
    • Finding Culturally Relevant / Language-accessible information (non-English, visual impairment, limited-literacy etc).
    • Relevant. Just because you think something is l33t doesn't mean your group actually needs.
    • Well compensated and paid for.
    • Proper fit. Just because it's free software doesn't mean it's free to implement.
    • Adequate time must be spent on the project.
    • Help org move toward self-sufficiency.