Tech for Palestinian Liberation

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What drew you?

  • Jews Against the Occupation
  • General anarchist principles
  • involved through campus/high school
  • digital security work in protests, researc for people in oppressed areas
  • human principles, anti-colonial politics, anti-zionist Jewish community,
  • Palestinian community
  • whole life as a Jewish humanist/activist
  • recently learning about this issue through friends personally affected
  • international solidarity
  • connection between tech and diff realities
  • immigrant rights activist same tech used on Mexican/US border
  • connections through loved ones
  • genocide bad,
  • grew up radicalized around early on

Tech contributions?

  • police scanners
  • anti-doxxing and security
  • metadata in whatsapp
  • security preservation evidence OpenArchive
  • host xxx for Palestine support groups, next cloud to avoid apartheid tech
  • Understanding tech beyond infrastructure
  • thinking outside the box
  • use of e-sims,mastodon
  • role that tech plays in surveillance state
  • Tor exit node

tech and the surveillance state


Meta issue where GenAI says "Palestinian=>Palestinian terrorist" 7amleh, Palestinian group "Fixed? But why?"

transparent data set

Algorithms of oppression

from search engines to reinforcing racism

XAI for preventing dehumanization

internet shutdowns Butterboxes from the Guardian Project

archiving - {Racist tweets, etc.}

Side question do these archived tweets get into AI training datasets?

archive groups such as open archive want to help

7amleh is a digital rights group in palestine

censorship - meta hiding comments with palestinian flags

7or - report censorship around palestine

Pal Legal

IHRA definition

  • "antizionism is antisemitism"
  • now US policy,campuses
  • Ken Stern author of definition "being used to silence criticisms of


  • versus Jerusalem Definition
  • If Not Now, Jewish Voice for Peace

symbolic support

Israelism movie

  • Hasbara (sp?)

Revisionist of the 80's: Pape,Rashid Khalidi

No Tech for Apartheid

  • Google

Project Maven was cancelled after Google worker protest, showing there is precedent for tech worker power being able to hold their companies accountable.

doxxing in the US

Canary Mission

  • personal info published
  • no practical consequences in many cases
  • poison the data

The Forward investigation on Canary Mission

Medusa head... self-censorship


  • Gebru (sp?)

statement from Access Now

  • power of symbolic statements

if we all speak they cant fire us all

  • undercuts power of doxxing

Canary Mission

  • it's a doxxing site.* Why supported/allowed?

organizing as a community


Wrap UP

There are tech interventions we can make, our communities are ready to make them.* We need resources.

The real intervention is solidarity in action.