Taking control of the Algorithm

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What have we learned about taking control of the Algoryhtms

  • Be intentional when interacting with them and tell them what you want to see
  • They can provide recommendations that I actually want to use
  • When the interactino is focused and intentional like on GitHub and Meetup
  • When it pays attention to your likes but not your dislides
  • When we can make decisions about what we want to see.
  • When you cand dissassociate your online identity from yourslef

To be in control

  • We need greater ditial and media literacy
  • Not install the apps on your phone
  • Explore alternatives
  • Be aware of your emotional responses and intervene
  • stay focused on what you need and want
  • Demystify the decentralised web
  • More interactions with more humans
  • Know & appreciate the complexity presented to us
  • Be aware of the complex system (capitalism) that keep syou there
  • Seek safe public digital space
  • Be okay with missing out, embrace the FOMO
  • Being sober when uising


Some recommendations:

  • Conspirituality (Pod cast)
  • New Public (social media)
  • Brave (browser)
  • Duck Duck Go - (search engine)