Sustaining a multiracial Dev Summit community

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Sustaining multiracial npdev community

Kinds of diversity that are most relevant to NPDev community:

  • Race/ethnicity
  • Language
  • Location
  • Country of origin
  • Neurodiversity
  • Health/body diversity (e.g., physical disabilities/chronic illness/heath and safety needs)


  • Physical space (question: is the current space big enough/accessible enough??)
  • Overt facilitation support
  • A way to contribute without bravery (without being in the panic zone, see below)
  • Different ways of participating
  • Clairfication of our communinty's definition of technology
  • Empowerment/collective ownership of community*

General ideas:

  • Outreach programs
  • Demystifying what really happens/More info about content ahead of time
  • New name that is more accurate/more clear/more inviting to non-technical people
  • A little more clarity about structure themes
  • More advance design of themes (kinda like AMC tracks)
  • More time to think/not be on the spot with the mic
  • Ways to contribute requests/ideas without the mic or a conversation with Gunner (aka a busy person they may have never met)
  • Name that it's scary/antiety-provoking to be on the mic in the circle
  • Translation/interpretation
  • Orientation/onboarding re format
  • Pre-session virtual
  • 1:1s held by recent first-timers with new first-timers
  • Pre-plan multilingual sessions
  • Partnerships with community orgs to send staff and hold space
  • Host committee
  • More different circle keepers
  • Bring your mentee
  • More invitation and support for inviting others in your community
  • Ask all attendees who shouldbe here and what support do you need to bring people? (Note this already happens in the follow-up form)
  • Balance of making it people's own responsibility vs Aspiration's responsibility
  • Accept messiness ambiguity of shared power
  • Be explicit about leaning into imperfection

Elements of clarifying community norms/demystifying what really happens

  • Do you need to be an expert? NO!!!
  • What does "holding space" mean?

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