Stop the Gabbing and Do Something

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Facilitated by Arthur Coddington, Craigslist Foundation

Session Description

Friending, liking and tweeting are fun and distracting, and by and large have little effect on community change. How do we get people to glance away from their smartphones, look each other in the eye, and get to work on real world issues?

Session Notes

Why we're here in the group

  • Making it more socially productive
  • Using social media to make it more proactive to unite people together and do something else
  • Causing culture
  • Terms in planning and finding out if
  • Interested in the subject

To avoid negative implications

  • Modeling good behavior
    • Showing that tools have value
    • Closing the loop


  • Going for a run use to get the message out and showing peopel what do it
  • Haiti/International to get the message out

Call to Action to create public policy influence

  • Succcess
    • Facebook voting application
    • Voting with digitial signatures
    • Local actions
  • Failure
    • Pointless petition that have no defined end
    • Decentrailized petitions without closing the loop

Instant feedback loop and closing the loop

How do you avoid duplicate messages?

  • Facebook inbox

Different ways to engage people on facebook, twitter, and

Local examples

  • cop cars and city resources parking organized
    • centrally organized & things to get people working directly
  • fixing city
    • seeclickfix
    • getsatisfaction
  • ways of using cell phones instead of texting

Online advocacy getting tied in one life

  • Where to get a flu shot
  • You can learn something new

If you make a solution, like to cause social change, post it, share it, inspire somebody

You have to remember apps all the time

humbly approaching ideas

  • facebook and twitter is very information suffocating
  • a limitation of the tools in terms of getting the right data out htere

using to find out who is looking at your webiste

way to rid of habits

  • tell post it
  • timebound
  • timeless
  • levelofengagement
  • asking people directly

succesful ways

  • authentication communication
    • going for a cuase

is it truthful, is it kind, is it necessary

a feedback loop