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Learning from the past

What worked about the 2008 election campaign?

Project management

Best practices for continuous integration development

Are there free open tools for managing feedback and gathering requirements? Best practices in absence of tools? Identify the strategic initiative-first

What strategies are being used to manage succesful teams? ID the goal

How to develop processes to define organization's needs (to drive tech decision)

How do you manage high risk projects?

Organizational process strategies. What kinds are being used?

What project management strategies are being used?

Collaboration and community

Is it the tool or is it the organizational develpment (culture) that gets in the way of (your choice)

Techies vs non/techies

How to communicate/educate about how files and content in CMS/web works differently than desktops

how can we break down walls between techies and non techies?

How to help non-tech staff when they don't even know what questions to ask?

Are there ways non-profits can share technical resources?

How to better communicate (to non profits) awareness of technology (software, applications?)

What's new with nonprofit software tools?

How do you better use non/developer volunteers?(do you?) on development projects (content, I8N, QA..)

I want to learn a lot about what tools are out there


how do we build a civi on crm community? influence direction of crm that benefits non profits

How to improve decision making at civicrm?

dealing with legacy data sucks but is it necessary? and how?

Operating systems

When is Ubuntu a better option for non-profits?

Are there centralized patch management tools for the desktop?

How can we migrate everyone to ubuntu seamlessly?

Social networks

How can we make a social network that is as open as the web?

What do the demographics of online beheavior mean to non-profits? (race/tehnicity/income)

How to prevent soc nw from turning into feedback loop, translate into real world action.

How do you determine ROI in social networks?

How can we use the interactivity of social nw tools instead of using email spam can model?

How to use social networking in low connectivity areas?

Case studies on social networks

How do you inspire people to become part of a community, increasing participation, ownership, engagement and investment?

Tools for coordination of communication campaigns among different communication channels?

Facebook, how to target demorgraphics?

How can we increase virality?

Non profit to developer relationships

What are best practices for organizations to instill trust?

How to avoid a vendor-client relationship and foster a collaborative relationship? What does the legal agreement look like that fosters this relationship?

How do you support a developer community as a non profit?

What do people think about fair trade outsourcing or "fairsourcing" ie samasource

How can commercial donors stay in touch with non profits IT needs?

Tech consulting for non-profits

How can org use collaboration tools internally to integrate more

Better ways to find out what average Joe Schmos can do to contribute to FOSS

Who is building the technology tools we are using?

How to identify and nurture tech evangelists in an org? How do tech evangelists in NPOs build credibility?

Be more effective as a service provider to non profits.

How are non profit tech consultants making business sustainable?

What make snon profits different from other tech projects?

Are there one-stop shops for non-profit resources?


How do we deliver faster and maintain quality?

Where can plug in after conference to connect with people in this room?

Open data

Where is the dummies guide to open non profit data?

How do people engage with/del with/make use of large data sets and/or media? How are people suffering because there are data sets that are too big to be easily working with?

How NPOs can get away from proprietary content networks, use foss

Interoperability data standards

How are standards changing with clound computing?

Is cloud computing the new propietary software (owning data)?

How can low-budget non-profits get access to high quality data?

How to make data more secure (cloud)

Better ways of sharing data


How can we build tools to leverage text-messaging beyond twitter?

Standards in mobile activism?

Country speciic mobile issues and solutions?

How have opeople integrated mobile applications into their overall outreach strategy?

Tech stack choices

What frameworks are poeple using to solve what problems?

What is the next great development approach in non profits?

Why do you use what you use? (CMS)

The framwork showdonw> when is it appropriate to use which framwork? strenghts, weaknesses, niches, problem spaces etc

Who can help us get started with a new project?

Can we use desktop virtualization more effectively?

What basic security is needed for in house and cloud-based applications including websites?

What are best practices in drupal theming?

NP Tech community

How can we figure out what people are working on? Looking for relevant tech partners and cross polinization

What core set of ethical obligations as a non profit ech consultan? In terms of what products you recommend for purchase, open src vs proprietary

How can we best collaborate to do awesome work?

How do we build NP Tech leaders (not coders, NPO professionals?)

How can non profits band together to build shared technology systems?

How can nonprofits collaborate on new technology projects?

How do we pool nonprofit needs/solutions to solve common problems?

Where are there good tools for collaboration?


How to change culture of orgs that are so used to propietary sw? confort level

Examples of successful usability testing

How can we set up structures to more easily identify pain points in using software?

Disconnect between developers and end users, what can we do about it?

What do you love/hate about Salsa?

Free and Open source software

What are the best tools for development groups to collaborate on a coding project?

How can we position open source software to compete with commercial software?

How can open source projects manage many contributors effectively?

How to make open source software more approachable for non-profits?

Best practices for open software development and working within the foss community?

How can non profits understand open source?

How can you create a non profit tech product that is open when there are others that sustain as a result of not being open ie data lock in

How do you get beyond preacing to the choir?

What are the best practices for creating and sustaining APIs that will get used?

Awareness of open source tools written on top of proprietary platforms (eg salesforce apps, raisers edge plugins)

Incentives and motivation for writing oss docs, interfaces

How can I be a better community contributor to an open source project?

How can non profits understand the requirements to support their technology?

Should super small orgs bother with installing open source?

How to make OSS more accesible? Docs, training?

Using puppet for managing server configuration and deployment.

NPO tech literacy / Issues, learn before you buy

Is there a reputation site for np tech shops and consultants?

I'm a nonprofit that wishes to build something - how do I find my perfect developer?

How do we articulate the real cost of lack of integration and vendor lock in vs support for open source?

What organizational needs are underserved by technolgoy?

How to make sure tech meets org goals rather than tech driving decisions?

What are folx best practices/methodologies for screencasting?

What is the best tool for screencasting?

What are good models for developing the complex tools ?? can actually afford to start from scratch?

Strategies for walking folks back from "I meed to do facebook/twitter/drupal etc" (prescriptive stuff)

How do you get/build/become a successful project advocate?

How to improve NPO tech literacy overall?

How has the recent shift in the economy affected our sector?

NPO tech literacy / operationalizing, use cases, workflows, processes

How can non profits go beyond the basics? Innovate instead of just struggling with IT, CMS, and basic social networking?

How do non profits voice their software needs?

When should you write a new piece of software?

How to explain underlying technologies to managers?

Different strategies for tech use/policies at nonprofits

How do developers make software and educate an organization about the tools they are developing?

How do technologists get into the brainspace/infosteream of nonprofit managers?

How can we keep track/on top of new tools and projects?

How can we support true autonomy for organizations to utilize other software?

How do you do more web devleopment with less resources (money and people) zt nonprofits, compared to larger for profits?


Mapping - how are ppl using maps? how can the use them?

Are ther eopen source alternatives to google maps?

Localism> How do we get folks to engage with issues and initiatives they might care about that are geographically local to them?

International, global development

How do american software evelopers/web developers/non profit techies engage with intl communities towards resolving int'l issues?

Planning for a multilingual website/app

How are our tech solutions applicable in developing countries in particualr as cell phones are more prevalent


What localization/internationalization/strategies are being used/thought about?

Advocacy dev optimization

What do you want to get out of being here?

Who are the people who should be in this room but aren't

What can we sprint on as a next step, for a shared tech framework that everyone needs

Who's in the room expertise wise?

I want to meet people.