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SpeedGeeking is the time honored Aspiration invention that invites 8-10 projects to tell their story, speed-dating-style, to 8-10 groups of listeners over the course of an hour.

All you need to offer a SpeedGeek session is a strong set of vocal cords and a good 3-minute elevator pitch of your project.

If you have a project you want to SpeedGeek, list it here and we'll get it in the rotation!

  • Open Simulation Platform
  • Newscloud Social Media Toolkit
  • Crocodyl Mashup Project
  • Project Clementine MPower's new database independent, schema independent, reporting wizard (built on jasper server)
  • Vocalo.org
  • W.A.N.D.A. - the Web Accessible Nonprofit Database Application - a developing non profit services framework & apps
  • FLOSS Manuals (bump me if there is too many)
  • mapping with Drupal (Location, GMap, and Geo modules)
  • Elgg Open Source Social Network Manager
  • Gigblastr - one-stop free event promotion service
  • Chandler - Extensible Note-to-Self Organizer for individuals and groups
  • MAP - Open source mashup mapping tool - drupal, openlayers, mapserver, rss
  • [1] - SaaS accounting, ERP, ecommerce, CRM for charities. Donated.