Scaling of data portability: what is possible?

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privacy is a game we play

privacy is a symptom of the problem

an imbalance, and nature hates an imbalance

what is data portability? in EU, the law is that every individual has the right to govern what data exists about them and their pattern of life

what is possible in the EU? Concrete examples: There is no way to govern the policies or procedures of a private company. The law is not enforceable in the current context.

Feature of any data portability in the future is some representation of when a piece of data has been requested and not delivered yet.

Manual data checkout - form to request data from a company. Or company offers an application interface that you can use to get your data

Ideally, you would have your nugget of info on your device. APIs? Or another service that could pull your data to somewhere else.

Companies do not have any commercial incentives yet to make this happen!

Would any solutions increase the cost of usage for folks online?

the power differential in access to information - privacy is essential with greater power differential.

want to have access to the insights being derived from my data and my community's data.

also, who is doing the looking? commercial, political, etc

I already have the data that I am sharing.