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We will talk about the Nonprofit Starter Pack for Salesforce which provides a CRM solution delivered software-as-a-service (SaaS). Use Salesforce for donation management, constituent relationship management, volunteer mgmt and tracking email campaign effectiveness.

We will give a demo of Salesforce for nonprofits, and also show the Plone integration with Salesforce, that lets you capture information from your website visitors and store it in Salesforce.


Salesforce for Non-Profits

Using salesforce CRM for campaign, donor management and integrating with a Plone site

Non profit starter pack is offered by the salesforce foundation

  • the starter pack is open source
  • any non profit (501.c3) can get 10 user licenses donated for free
  • additional seats available at a major discount (20% of normal cost?)
  • the starter pack customizes the interface for managing donors, households etc
  • ability to track donations as well set up recurring donations on a user defined schedule
  • has all the functions of full enterprise addition, a set of customizations to features and functionality have been added specifically for non-profit use cases

Things you can do if you integrate Plone and salesforce

  • integration allows the user to authenticate against their salesforce contact record and then can update fields in their contact record through the site (opt ins, update contact info etc.)
  • Integrate download history into contact record so they become a part of their profile
  • With paypal payment processing, plone can handle all the return values from paypal and then pass that info back into salesforce to update the contact record
  • form built in plone can then be mapped to fields in salesforce through the admin (no code required)
    • i.e. Volunteer inquiry to collect info on a form, and that will create a new object in salesforce (a lead or opportunity)
  • Joomla has something similar (called "Jsalesforce"?)
    • Allows field mapping between salesforce and Joomla but is limited to contact objects
    • register, edit profile etc.

Techsoup put together a donor managment software report that is worth checking out

Plugins/connectors make lots of new things possible:

  • Integration with google apps allows for email look up
    • emails sent form your gmail to a contact will automatically be associated to that contact record
    • address book synch etc.
  • VerticalReponse also integrates with salesforce
    • allows you to do your list building as a "campaign" in salesforce to build complex lists and then send through VR
  • MailChimp also has a basic integration?
  • EventBrite also has a salesforce connector

The Catches:

  • 10 seats is limiting
  • no support (but good community and forums)
  • can be a tough learning curve, interface is not exactly common
  • setting up, configuration customization is very powerful but can be very intimidating

The Pros: No real coding required All the benefits of of large corporate standard all the stuff we already said