Running a Tech Cooperative

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Facilitated by Josh Crawford, Brattleboro Tech Collective

Josh is a co-founder of the Brattleboro Tech Collective, and will share and swap stories on running technology cooperatives. Those wanting to explore cooperative endeavors are strongly encouraged to attend.

Meeting Notes


* Tech Co-Op list: 
  * run by
* Tech Co-Op Startup Guide is being developed - look out for it
* If you are coop-curious, call Ben at 617-283-5764 for a good time. 

Legal Issues

There is a legal structure called a Worker Owned Co-operative in some states Otherwise, it represents an internal structure of bylaws within another legal structure

It's very important into get a lawyer who specializes in setting up co-opts/LLCs/etc if you plan to incorporate in some way

Consortium - a business practice of sharing resources and work without having an overarching legal structure

It's a bigger move from working freelance by yourself to working with a group of freelancers than moving from a group of freelancers to a legal co-opt/LLC

Groups tend to merge when they need to start sharing a bank account

Other groups start as a core team that form a co-op/LLC specifically with the plan of operating as a team

Organizational Issues

For a co-habitating hacker space, check out:

* in SF
* betahouse in Boston

California Resources

* Co-Op/LLC/Nonprofit lawyer: Jenny Kassan