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In his spare time, Seth uses regular expressions to solve crossword puzzles and perform hostage rescue.

Regular Expressions are used for pattern recognition in text



textmate, notepad++, squirrelmail, vi, emacs

programming languages:

PHP, JS, Perl, python

command line tools:

grep, egrep, sed, awk, bash

there are different versions of regular expressions in each of these languages

toolkits and apis

beautiful soup (for scraping stuff out of web pages) – useful for getting temperature or data


coming soon to a computer near you

Ways of using regular expressions



means anything, anything at all

   cat, mat, bat, hat

all 3 letter words that end with "at"


will match non-words too, like 4at.


means optional


will match both color and colour but not colouur.

.?.at would match

   chat, spat, that


1 one or more times


any number of times, including 0


would match one or more s


would match "aspiration" but also "an"


parenthesis groups operations together like in arithmatic

   (1+3) x 4 = 16


any single character

  • [abc]
  • [0123456789]
  • [0-9] matches any number at all, not just numerals 0 through 9
  • [a-z] matches a THROUGH z
  • [aeiou0-9] matches any vowel or number
  • [A-Za-z] matches any character, upper or lower case

will match any capitalization of the word asian.


escape character cancels the special meaning, so we can find a period, for example


matches .


matches \

sometimes these are called back references


negation. anything except what follows:


matches any character besides a, e, i, o, u


a certain number of times

to find 4 vowels in a row:


can more succinctly be expressed as



add a comma (,) to create a range


matches all words that contain between 4 and 6 consonants in a row


the pipe (|) character is the "logical operator" for the concept of


aka OR

can also be understood as an "OR gate"

it's also great for combining expressions!

More Examples/Use cases

Let's identity misspellings of the word banana, i.e. bananna, bananana


or, we can also use


matches a 4 digit number

to match a credit card number:


matches 4 groups of 4 numbers but, what if we want spaces?


though this allows us to mix both spaces and hyphens.

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